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Latin Course for the Élite Student

Carmenta Latin Course Syllabus

The following is a syllabus for the first five semesters of the eight-semester Carmenta Latin Course. This is a live Skype course held at pre-scheduled times. If you would like to see the full syllabus, just click the "Full Syllabus" button below.

latin class 1 a

Latin 1A (LAT 101) - Intro to Latin Semester 1

Chapters 1-10 of Wheelock's Latin

  • Chapter 1. Verbs; First and Second Conjugations: Present Infinitive, Indicative, and Imperative Active; Translating
  • Chapter 2. Nouns and Cases; First Declension; Agreement of Adjectives; Syntax
  • Chapter 3. Second Declension: Masculine Nouns and Adjectives; Apposition; Word
  • Chapter 4. Second Declension Neuters; Adjectives; Present Indicative of Sum; Predicate Nouns and Adjectives; Substantive Adjectives...
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latin class 1 b

Latin 1B (LAT 102) - Intro to Latin Semester 2

Chapters 11-20 of Wheelock's Latin

  • Chapter 11. Personal Pronouns Ego, Tu, and Is; Demonstratives Is and Idem
  • Chapter 12. Perfect Active System of All Verbs
  • Chapter 13. Reflexive Pronouns and Possessives; Intensive Pronoun
  • Chapter 14. I-Stem Nouns of the Third Declension; Ablatives of Means, Accompaniment, and Manner...
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latin class 2 a

Latin 2A (LAT 201) - Intermediate Latin Semester 1

Chapters 21-27 of Wheelock's Latin

  • Chapter 21. Third and Fourth Conjugations: Passive Voice of the Present System
  • Chapter 22. Fifth Declension; Ablative of Place Where; Summary of Ablative Uses
  • Chapter 23. Participles
  • Chapter 24. Ablative Absolute; Passive Periphrastic; Dative of Agent...
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latin class 2 b

Latin 2B (LAT 202) - Intermediate Latin Semester 2

Chapters 28-34 of Wheelock's Latin

  • Chapter 28. Subjunctive Mood; Present Subjunctive; Jussive and Purpose Clauses
  • Chapter 29. Imperfect Subjunctive; Present and Imperfect; Subjunctive of Sum and Possum; Result Clauses
  • Chapter 30. Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive; Indirect Questions; Sequence of Tenses
  • Chapter 31. Cum Clauses; Fero...
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latin class 3 a

Latin 3A (LAT 301) - Advanced Latin Semester 1

Chapters 35-40 of Wheelock's Latin

  • Chapter 35. Dative with Adjectives; Dative with Special Verbs; Dative with Compounds
  • Chapter 36. Jussive Noun Clauses; Fio
  • Chapter 37. Conjugation of Eo; Constructions of Place and Time
  • Chapter 38. Relative Clauses of Characteristic; Dative of Reference; Supines...
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Full Syllabus
latin student with book

Latin Course

Our fully-live SkypeLatin Course, which has the feel and effectiveness of the best in-person high school or university Latin courses, follows a regular three-sessions-a-week class schedule. With live, crystal-clear audio and video, teacher and pupils are all able to hear and see each other in real time and so communicate just as they would in an in-person class. This course, open to those ages 13 and up, gives students access to the world's best Latin teachers in the comfort of their own home or school, yet in a digital classroom environment that allows for the immediate back-and-forth essential to long-term language learning. Our Latin Course is exceptionally effective, with students not only scoring extremely well on the National Latin Exam but also (even more impressive) learning Latin with genuine fluency in only 4-6 years!

headmaster teaching latin class

Conversational Latin Classes

Our Latin Course is distinguished from the majority of high school and university Latin classes by its emphasis on speaking the Latin language. We have a dual approach to teaching Latin — not only do we rigorously teach grammar and the translation process, an essential component of learning any language effectively, but we also supplement this with consistent, in-depth practice in Latin Conversation. Beginning in the third semester of the course (Latin 2A), one class-day per week is devoted to Latin conversation, an aspect of the course that we have found to be not only tremendously enjoyable for the student but also essential for gaining a fluent and in-depth knowledge of the Latin language.

skype latin classroom

Live Skype Latin Classroom

All our Latin classes are held in our live audio/video digital classroom. Unlike many Internet Latin courses, ours are not prerecorded or text-based but are held live at prescheduled times with the same live interaction found in a brick-and-mortar class. Students are called together as a group on Skype by their teacher at the start of each class, and they interact with the instructor and their classmates just as they would in an in-person class. Teacher and pupils are all able to see and hear each other in real time through their personal webcams, as well as to communicate textually through the instant messaging box and screensharing. Homework and completed tests are submitted to the instructor through email, and documents are distributed through file transfer. The experience is essentially identical to that of a traditional classroom environment except that students and instructors attend their Latin class from the comfort and convenience of their own home, school, or office, and because geographical distance isn't an issue in an Internet Latin class, our learners have access to top academics living all across America.

instructor todd c

Latin Classes Taught by Élite Academics

The professors who teach our Latin classes are all seasoned academics with degrees from the most respected universities in America and Europe. Because your success is so important to us, we take great care in teacher hiring. In fact, every single one of our instructors not only has an impressive academic resume, in both teaching and publishing, but has also passed through our exceptionally rigorous hiring process, which includes a challenging mock Latin class. In the end, we hire only about 10% of all applicants, and though this obviously limits the size of our Faculty, it ensures that every single one of our teachers has cleared a very high bar for expertise, total experience, general teaching ability, and affability. There is no other Web-based school we know of (and only a handful of top universities) with a Classics teaching staff of comparable quality, which we have achieved both because of the convenience of Skype (which eliminates the usual geographical barriers) and our teachers' genuine enthusiasm for our mission as a school — to teach hardworking, devoted Latin students in a small-class setting.

headmaster with two instructors

America's Top Professors Teach for Us!

Our professors have degrees from:

  • Princeton
  • Columbia
  • Brown
  • Yale
  • Cornell
  • Berkeley
  • The Sorbonne
  • Penn
student with latin and ancient greek books

Latin Course Texts

Our Latin Course utilizes the popular and well-respected Wheelock's Latin text as well as the ancillary text A Workbook for Wheelock's Latin. We cover the complete Wheelock text in five semesters (Latin 1A-3A), fully preparing pupils for advanced reading and translation of classical and medieval Latin texts in our Upper-Division class or with another university-level classics program.

Full information on how to purchase the Wheelock texts is available on the Textbooks Page of our website.

carmenta school convention

Our Mission

The stated Mission of the Carmenta Latin School is to provide top students living throughout the United States and around the world with élite-quality small-class Web-based instruction in the Latin language. We maintain a very high standard for the quality and effectiveness of our instructors and curriculum, hiring only top academics in the field of Classics and utilizing textbooks and curriculum strategies built to guide learners to true fluency in Latin.

founder of carmenta latin school


We are accredited by the Commissioners of the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), a major American accrediting body. This Accreditation extends through June 30, 2021. Those enrolled in our Latin Course can anticipate most institutions accepting a transfer of credits from our school with relative ease.

Carmenta PhD Tutors was created in 2016 as a distinct division of the Carmenta Latin School. Information on hiring one of our élite one-on-one instructors can be found on this other website, which showcases the distinct educational offerings of that division, aimed at a different demographic and student type from that of our Carmenta Latin School multi-student Latin classes.