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elizabeth latin student
Elizabeth, 17, Carmenta's 2014-15 Student of the Year.


The Commissioners of the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) have granted the Carmenta Online Latin School Six-Year Accreditation Status through June 30, 2021. This accreditation status is based on information provided by the Carmenta School, including the self-study report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit. The Carmenta School is required to submit a Mid-Cycle Progress Report at the end of the third year of the current six-year accreditation cycle. Accreditation status is conditioned upon Carmenta Online Latin School’s continued compliance with the ACS WASC policies, procedures, and criteria for accreditation.

Every institution has different policies concerning transfer credit, but most will award the student credit for Carmenta classes or tutoring, assuming the student is able to demonstrate sufficient facility in the subject. Our curriculum is rigorous and highly-effective, so the average Carmenta student has no trouble meeting the standards of almost any high school or university.

Earn Credit with Latin Standardized Tests

There are three Latin standardized tests available in the U.S., the National Latin Exam, the Latin AP Test, and the Latin SAT Subject Test. All Carmenta Latin students take the National Latin Exam each year and Latin 3A students and above take the NLE and the Latin SAT Subject Test and/or Latin AP Test as well. Good scores on any of these tests should go far toward convincing most institutions to grant the student high-school- or college-level credit in these languages.

A college student or prospective college student in the U.S. (and many other countries) may be granted placement in a higher level of Latin at his/her chosen institution based on Latin SAT Subject Test scores or Latin AP Test scores. Many colleges, universities, and high schools make use of their own placement exams as well. Quite frequently a student, after scoring well on one of these tests, will actually be "placed out" of a school’s foreign language requirement. The institution may even grant the student credit for the skipped lower-level classes.

Your School

The rules concerning transfer credit are far from uniform, but the individual student, with a little effort, shouldn't have any trouble determining what his or her chosen institution's policies are. It is recommended that the student find out ahead of time if the school is willing to cooperate. If the student is homeschooled or needs language credits in order to be accepted into college, it is again recommended that he or she research the policies of each of the chosen universities.

Laws outlining standards in high school education vary from place to place, and every single college or university has its own individual policies concerning the awarding and transferring of credit. If you would like to earn credit for the Carmenta Latin Course or for Carmenta Tutoring at a particular institution, please Contact Us and the institution so that we can work together to make that happen.