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Getting Started

How do I get started?

We recommend first browsing through the Classes pages to see if one of our classes is right for you. If you do decide to enroll in one of our classes, then click the PayPal button underneath your chosen class on the Class Sign-Up page and follow the steps for sign-up and payment as they are presented to you on successive pages. Once you have successfully made your payment, you’ll be presented with a confirmation page that verifies your enrollment in a particular class as well as a confirmation email that will provide specific information on how to download and connect with us on Skype as well as reminders of the class start date and required texts. Alternately, you may pay by check. If you would like to pay by check, please Contact Us, and include the specific class which you would like to sign up for.

How do Carmenta Classes work?

All Carmenta Online School classes are held through the Skype web conferencing platform. Upon first signing up, all Carmenta students must download Skype onto their computer and then add their particular Carmenta Teacher as a contact on Skype. Students will be supplied with the Skype name of their Teacher prior to their first class session so that they can add the teacher to their list of Skype contacts. Once this contact has been added, students then just need to be certain that they always have Skype open on their computers 5 minutes prior to the start time of each of their scheduled classes. Their teacher will then call them at the scheduled start time, and to start the session, students click the "Answer" button. Skype provides the highest-quality audio and video web conferencing available, with a straightforward and simple interface. If students have access to a high-quality Internet connection, there are generally very few issues with call quality, and students very quickly forget that their live audio/video Skype classes are online, the experience is so close to a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

What computer equipment and software will I need to buy?

Most students won't need to buy any computer equipment or software, but every student will need to download Skype onto his or her computer through Skype.com, which is absolutely free. Students also need to be sure that they have an Internet connection that is fast enough to support Skype calls (most are, although some slower DSL connections may have trouble), a computer that supports Skype (almost every single one does), and a good-quality microphone (either built into the computer or as part of a headset).

What is the age range of Carmenta Latin Course students?

We have students of all ages, from 10 or 11 years old all the way to senior citizens. The common theme, though, is that all of our students, no matter their age or particular academic goals, are élite learners with an unusually keen interest in the quality of their education.

What are the qualifications of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser (the Headmaster of the Carmenta School) as a teacher, tutor, and school administrator?

Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser has worked for 13 years as a highly-effective teacher and tutor for students of Latin, Ancient Greek, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Reading, Literature, US and World History, and SAT Prep. For the past seven years he has served as the Headmaster of the Carmenta School. Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser sees the Carmenta Latin School as an opportunity for students in all parts of the world to gain access to the highest-quality education in the Classics.

Accreditation and Transfer Credit

Is the Carmenta Online School accredited?

Yes. The Carmenta School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Click here for more information on WASC.

How many credit hours are earned with each semester class?

Each Carmenta Online School semester class is 3 credits and is equivalent in total time spent and amount of curriculum covered to a 3-credit class at most high schools and universities.

Click here to find out how to Transfer Credits to your high school or university.

Will credits earned at the Carmenta School transfer to my high school or university?

The short answer is...usually. The Carmenta Online School is an accredited institution with proven, effective curriculum and a faculty whose experience and quality matches and even surpasses top U.S. prep schools. For these reasons, most schools have been very open to giving their students credit for work done with us. Still, the final decision is always in the hands of the administrators at your school, and we can never guarantee that they’ll approve a credit transfer. For this reason, it is always best to talk to the relevant administrators at your school ahead of time, show them the planned curriculum and the general quality of our tutelage, and even get them in touch with us if that will help. We are always happy to answer any questions those at your school may have and to make certain that we are able to meet all of your school’s pedagogical requirements.


What is the tuition for one semester class?

Tuition is currently $750 per student, per semester class ($775 if paid through PayPal). Each Carmenta school year is divided into 2 semesters (Fall and Spring), with the "A" classes (Latin 1A, Latin 2A, Latin 3A, and Latin 4A) offered each fall and with "B" classes (Latin 1B, Latin 2B, Latin 3B, and Latin 4B) offered each spring.

There are discounts (10%) for families who enroll multiple students simultaneously. Learn about the Carmenta Family Discount

What classes do you offer?

The Carmenta school offers one full course in Latin. The Carmenta Latin Course is composed of a series of separate classes meant to be taken in order.

The individual classes that make up the Carmenta Latin Course are: Latin 1A, Latin 1B, Latin 2A, Latin 2B, Latin 3A, Latin 3B (Upper Division), Latin 4A (Upper Division), and Latin 4B (Upper Division). (Note: An individual session of Latin 3B and above is only offered each semester if there is enrollment of 5 or more students.) In Latin 1A through Latin 3A, students work out of the Wheelock's Latin text, mastering Latin grammar, syntax, and translation. In Latin 2A through Latin 4B, students also attend a weekly Latin Conversation Class, developing and honing their Conversational Latin skills and simultaneously strengthening their understanding of Latin grammar and idiom as they build a large long-term Latin vocabulary. Students who complete this course will have achieved a fluency in the language rare even among Latin teachers and will be on their way to achieving native fluency within 2 or 3 more years. In Latin 3B through 4B, students read and translate advanced Classical and Medieval Latin texts, developing a feel for the diverse styles and differing idioms that make up Latin literature.

How many tests do Carmenta class students take each semester?

Students enrolled in Carmenta Latin classes take 2 tests each semester, a midterm and a final. The midterm is taken partway through the semester on a date determined by the instructor; the final is always taken on the last class period of the semester. Students have a full hour to complete each test (even if the class normally has class sessions scheduled for less than 1 hour). Upper Division Latin Course students do not take a midterm and a final. Midterms cover material learned in the first half of the semester; finals cover material learned throughout the semester.

How much time will I need to spend on homework?

Students in Carmenta School classes may spend anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours on each homework assignment, though most students spend 45 minutes to an hour. Students in Latin 1A-4B have 3 homework assignments each week, to be completed between class sessions.

Many students spend more time on their homework in the beginning (particularly in the Latin 1A classes) but spend less and less time as they progress through the course and develop their skills in the language. Be assured, consistent completion of homework assignments in the beginning of the course will pay dividends down the road.

How long is each class period?

The normal length of a class period at the Carmenta Online School is one full hour, with 3 total class hours per week. Classes with enrollment of fewer than 5 students, though, may meet for less time, with total class-period time and total weekly class time dependent on the exact number of students in the class and the amount of weekly class time that the Headmaster deems sufficient to cover the curriculum in that semester class.

What textbooks do you use in your classes?

In Latin 1A-3A students work out of thee Wheelock’s Latin and A Workbook for Wheelock’s Latin texts. Wheelock is an extremely well-organized and effective Latin text, and a personal favorite of our Headmaster, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser.

Students in Latin 3B-4B (the Upper Division part of the course) work from a wide variety of advanced Classical and Medieval Latin texts, all of which can be found for free online.

What is the class schedule?

Carmenta school classes are pre-scheduled prior to each semester, with both a morning and evening session available.

See the Carmenta Class Schedule for details.

How does class placement work for students who have previously taken Latin?

All students have to begin the Carmenta Latin Course in the Latin 1A class and proceed through the classes in order. Students may not begin in a more advanced semester. We have instituted this policy because the majority of students who have taken Latin before and so have started in a more advanced semester of our course, have not in fact been ready for that level. All Latin courses are not created equal, and it is very important to us that all Carmenta students are given the tools they need to become true masters of the Latin language.

Why is the Conversational Latin portion of the Carmenta Online Latin Course so important? I've never had to speak Latin in my previous Latin classes.

Consistent conversational practice in the Latin language is a vital component of the Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency, a method developed by the Headmaster of the Carmenta School, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, which grew out of his own experiences learning Latin as a high school student, college student, and adult. The Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency, which utilizes frequent conversational practice in Latin as a way to achieve true fluency in the language, has proven itself effective through years of application in the Carmenta Latin Course.

National Latin Exam

Do all Carmenta Latin Course students take the National Latin Exam?

Yes. All Carmenta Latin Course students are required to take the National Latin Exam in March each year. The National Latin Exam has a number of distinct levels, each student taking the level of the NLE appropriate for his or her level of competence in Latin and within the Carmenta Latin Course.

What is the process for taking the National Latin Exam?

Each Carmenta Latin Course student takes the National Latin Exam on the NLW website in March each year. As long as the student submits the test on time, he or she is able to take it whenever it is most convenient. A family member or friend of the student must be present when the student takes the test, though, to act as proctor. All rules for taking the NLE must be observed. Once students have taken the test, they submit the completed test online directly to the American Classical League, the organization that runs and oversees the NLE. Tests are graded and individual student scores are delivered to the Carmenta School, who will then contact students with their results.

The NLE is the world’s most popular Latin standardized test, measuring a student's general competence in the Latin language. It is an excellent way for the Carmenta School to demonstrate the efficacy of its Latin instruction, and for individual students to measure their own progress in comparison to other Latin students in the US and around the world.

Why is the National Latin Exam so important?

The National Latin Exam, taken by all Carmenta Latin Course students in March each year, is the most widely recognized and popular Latin standardized test on earth. The National Latin Exam is an opportunity for Carmenta Latin students to compare their knowledge of and progress in Latin against other Latin students across the country and around the world..