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School Policies

headmaster at carmenta convention
Carmenta Headmaster Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser speaking at the 2014-2015 Carmenta Latin School Convention.


Sign-Up Form

Every new student is required to fill out our Sign-Up Form when he or she first signs up for a class at the Carmenta School. This Sign-Up Form includes questions concerning student contact information, standardized-test scores, and the academic background of the student. The information we glean from this form helps us to make individual and general curriculum decisions, to keep in contact with students and their parents, and to keep track of general student trends. The Carmenta School keeps all information concerning students, collected through this form or elsewhere, strictly private. We will never share any student's personal information with any third parties for any purpose.

After a student signs up for a class on our Class Sign-Up page, he or she is then presented with a Sign-Up Confirmation page. This page contains information on textbooks and technical requirements for students attending that particular class. Students are also given a download of the Carmenta Sign-Up Form. Students fill out this Sign-Up Form, including any new updated information, each time that they sign up for a semester class.

The information we collect through our Sign-Up Form allows us to run the Carmenta School more effectively. If you have any questions about the Carmenta School Sign-Up form, please Contact Us.

Download Carmenta Student Sign-Up Form (.docx).

Download Carmenta Student Sign-Up Form (.rtf).


All Carmenta students must fill out a questionnaire once each semester. This questionnaire allows us to keep our student records updated. Questionnaires are sent out to students at the halfway point in the semester and are due back two weeks later.

Class Enrollment Deadlines

Students who are enrolling in Latin 1A in the fall must be fully signed up by the day before the first class of the semester. (We must have received payment for the class by this date, whether by PayPal payment or check.) Students enrolling in Latin 1B and above must be fully signed up by the sign-up deadline listed on Carmenta School's Course Calendar page.

Class Size

The maximum size for a single section of a class is 10 students. Each class has 2 sections, and the student must choose one. The content of the two sections is identical, but Section 1 meets in the morning and Section 2 in the evening. Scheduled times for all Latin classes are posted on the Class Sign-Up page.

Requirements of the Student

The Carmenta Latin Course moves at a pace that allows all students to excel, and the amount of homework assigned is never unreasonable; still, it is important that students do allow sufficient time for work between sessions so that assignments are completed by the period on which they are due and turned in in a finished state. All assignments are handed in to the instructor via email.

Age of Students

Carmenta Latin classes are geared toward the junior-high-school to adult age range, but many younger students enroll as well. We have even had a number of students who have been as young as seven or eight, though obviously that is the exception. Whatever the student's age or background, though, the most important thing is that he or she be committed to the class. This is a serious course, and so every student should be willing to do what is necessary to succeed in this setting (i.e., attend class, participate in class, and complete all homework assignments); but at the same time, the Carmenta course starts at the very beginning, at the basics of the Latin language, and so it is suitable for motivated students of almost any age. In fact, students need not even begin the course with a basic knowledge of language. Actually, that would be putting the cart before the horse, since one of the primary reasons for taking Latin, we believe, is the greatly improved understanding of language it brings.

If you are considering enrolling a student younger than junior-high-school age in the Carmenta Latin Course please Contact Us first so that you can discuss whether this course is appropriate.

Course Calendar

The Course Calendar indicates the beginning and end dates of each semester as well as the particular days that class is not in session (i.e., select holidays and breaks between semesters). The Calendar does not indicate what material will be covered in a particular class period on a particular day since the pace of study and the makeup of individual class sessions is determined by the teacher of each class. All material scheduled for a particular semester will be covered in that semester, but we can’t promise that a teacher will cover a particular chapter of the text or piece of the curriculum on a particular day. Each day’s homework assignment is given to students at the end of the previous class period. Click the following link to see the 2016-17 Course Calendar.



If a student is unable to attend a particular class meeting, then we ask that he or she please notify the instructor in advance. For a student to master the material, it is important that the student attend class and complete his or her homework consistently. Irregular attendance frequently means the difference between a rewarding and pleasant learning experience and a stressful and ineffective one. Of course, it's up to each individual student to gauge how much class time is necessary in order for the student to excel, and for many students a certain number of missed classes won't be an issue.

It is best to verify ahead of time that your personal schedule does not conflict with the times and days on which your class meets, or at least not too often. A Carmenta course requires just as much dedication as any in-person course, and the expectations of students are just as great as those in any university or prep-school course.

Length of Class Periods

There is no guarantee that all Carmenta Latin class sessions will go a full hour. If the day's material is covered in less than an hour, then it is our policy to end class early when the instructor decides that that is best. When classes are very small (with fewer than four students), it is common for the class to be scheduled for only 30 or 45 minutes. Larger classes (of more than four students), though, will always be scheduled for a full hour. Students generally appreciate this approach since they are almost always very busy and prefer to have this extra time to complete their homework.

Entering the Online Latin Classroom

Carmenta’s live audio/video online classroom is provided by Skype. Before participating in a class for the first time, students should go to Skype.com to download Skype on their computers. Once Skype is downloaded, it remains on each student's computer permanently. Every day before class, students open Skype on their computers, link up with the instructor's Skype account, and wait for the instructor’s call, which marks the beginning of class.

N.B.: Rarely a student may have trouble downloading Skype onto his or her computer. Download normally occurs within seconds, but every so often a person's computer may have difficulty. Please verify ahead of time that you won't have any problems downloading Skype.


All students must begin the Carmenta Latin Course in Latin 1A and proceed through the classes in order. Students are not allowed to begin in a more advanced semester. We have instituted this policy because the majority of students who (having taken Latin before) have started in a more advanced semester of our course, have not in fact been ready for that level. All Latin courses are not created equal, and we want to be certain that all of our students are given the tools they need to become true masters of the Latin language.



Like attendance, turning in homework assignments on time and complete is vital for each student’s success in the Carmenta course. In fact, work done between sessions is just as important, or sometimes even more important, than class work. A competent command of Latin is only achieved throug written practice and oral repetition, and while the latter is normally reserved for the classroom, the former is completed primarily between class meetings. For these reasons, we feel that a student will never master the subject if the homework assignments are not taken seriously. Each homework assignment for any Carmenta class should take somewhere between one half hour and two hours depending on the length of the assignment and the preparedness and aptitude of the student.

Assignments and Grading

Carmenta Online Latin School class instructors assign homework assignments at each session, each one due at the start of the next class meeting. For full credit, homework assignments must be sent to the instructor’s email inbox no later than five minutes after the beginning of the class on which the assignment is due. Students will be given, at best, partial credit for late assignments. A homework assignment can receive 10 points at the most. An assignment turned in late or incomplete will receive only 5 points. Assignments turned in more than a week late will receive 0 points.

Tests are taken on scheduled test days, during normally-scheduled class time. Students have a full hour to take the test, even if the normally-scheduled run-time for that class is less than an hour. The instructor will deduct points for incompleteness and mistakes.

Students take a Mid-Semester Review Test at the halfway point in the semester. The estimated date of the test is listed on the Semester Course Calendar. (The precise date of this test is determined by the individual teacher and will be communicated by the teacher to students in advance of the test day.) This test is worth 220 possible points. The instructor will deduct points for incompleteness and mistakes. Students have one full hour to take the test.

Students take a Final Test on the last day of the semester, during the normally-scheduled class period. Students have one full hour to take the test, even if the normally-scheduled run-time for that class is less than an hour. It is worth 260 possible points. As always, the instructor will deduct points for incompleteness and mistakes.

Tests must arrive in the instructor’s email inbox no later than five minutes after the end of the scheduled test period. Student are not to work past the specified completion time for the test.

Breakdown of Points for Each Individual Semester for Latin Classes

The points breakdown for all Latin classes is:

Homework Assignments (52) - 10 points each 520 total points
Mid-Semester Test - 220 points 220 total points
Final Test - 260 points 260 total points
Total Semester Points Possible 1000 total points

Note: The number of homework assignments (and so total semester points) may vary slightly depending on the exact number of class periods in any particular semester.

Grading Scale

90 - 100% A
80 - 89.9% B
70 - 79.9% C
60 - 69.9% D
0 - 59.9% F

A student’s percentage grade is calculated by totaling the points earned by the student during the semester, dividing that number by the Total Semester Points Possible and then multiplying by 100..

Missed Assignments

If a student misses an assignment or turns in a homework assignment or test late and the student has a good reason for this, then the student should contact his or her instructor as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for a make-up and the student can avoid having points deducted from his or her grade. Our goal is to assure that students learn the course material, and we will do whatever we can to help you accomplish this. We always do our best to assist the student in learning the material despite any issues or unexpected events that may arise in the student’s life. On the other hand, be aware that homework or tests missed or turned in late without a valid excuse will earn the student a grade of zero for the assignment. If you have any questions about what constitutes a valid excuse or any other questions at all about the course, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.



To participate in Carmenta School classes, students will need:

1) The course texts.
2) Access to a computer with a broadband Internet connection.
3) A speaker and microphone or combination headset for the student’s computer.

Technical Requirements

Most computer platforms are acceptable for accessing the digital classroom. Windows, Mac, and Linux all work well. A broadband Internet connection is highly recommended for a better experience.

Recording of Classes or Tutoring Sessions

All Carmenta Online Latin School courses and the material in the format presented in those courses are the property of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser and the Carmenta Online Latin School. Students participating in these courses may not make recordings of sessions without our permission. If we do grant a student permission to record a class, the recording is only to be used by the individual student for personal educational purposes and is not to be copied or shared with others.


Academic Integrity

Students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty. Using unsanctioned references (books, Internet resources, grammars, dictionaries, etc.) during a test will only hinder your progress in the class. Please adhere to all rules concerning test-taking and the independent completion of homework assignments. Your compliance will make a huge difference in what you finally get out of your class.

Classroom Conduct

We have worked very hard to create an enjoyable, productive, and civil classroom environment. To this end we ask that all participants in Carmenta classes do their best to be polite and supportive toward the other students. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is never tolerated.

If any problems, disputes, or hostilities should arise, students should notify the Administration as soon as possible so that we can help settle them. Carmenta classes are meant to be fun and productive for all involved, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. We ask that students support and assist us in achieving that goal.

Privacy Statement

Any personal information concerning individual students will be kept strictly private. We will never share any student’s personal information with any third parties for any purpose.

Carmenta students may not disseminate any information about other Carmenta School students. Any student, by enrolling in a Carmenta course, automatically acknowledges that other students have a right to privacy and agrees to maintain the privacy of other Carmenta students. That said, students should be aware that any personal information divulged by a student in the web classroom will, just as in a physical classroom, be heard by others in the class and so could conceivably be shared with others outside the class. If you wish to be part of the class and still remain relatively anonymous to others in the class, that is fine, but be aware that the web classroom is only a semi-private setting.

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of the Carmenta Online Latin School never to discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Policy and Schedule Changes

We reserve the right to modify the school policies or course schedule outlined here if it seems appropriate. Be assured, though, that we will only do so if it seems to be in the best interests of the students. All changes will be posted on the web site.