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Latin Course Student Testimonials


"If you hope to master Latin, the methods employed by Carmenta Online Latin will get you there. The text used for Latin 1A-3A (Wheelock’s Latin, 6th Edition) is excellent. It progresses with small bites and the exercises require cumulative knowledge — so there’s little chance of forgetting concepts, vocabulary and forms introduced in the past. Magister Andrew’s teaching style is very organized, disciplined and uncompromising. He’s a nurturing and patient perfectionist, drawing out sharp analytical skills from his students. In addition to developing reading comprehension and writing skills, Carmenta Online Latin puts a unique emphasis on verbal language production — thus forcing the language off the page. To my experience, verbal expression provides another sensory input, not only enriching my grasp of Latin but making learning this magnificent language fun. As a now retired home educator, Carmenta Online Latin would be my choice for providing Latin to my kids. I feel blessed for having discovered this excellent learning source and I highly recommend it to any potential student."

Pasadena, CA, USA

"I have longed to continue my study of ancient languages even after leaving college, and Carmenta has more than provided a challenging atmosphere that allows me not only to pace myself, but also keeps me challenged at every step. I love that they are so flexible—I was able to take classes that fit into my schedule. I look forward to taking more classes from Carmenta and hope that they are around for a long time. I would love to go as far as I can with them."

Firmware Quality Engineer
Vancouver, WA, USA

"In preparation for graduate school, I need a rigorous Greek program, and Carmenta offers a far more comprehensive introduction to Classical Greek than any other program I could find. Having the highly-qualified Carmenta tutor correcting and encouraging my learning assures me that I am laying a solid foundation for future study. The other students in my class inspire me to work hard, so I don’t fall behind. We have fun in class, but we also move quickly through the material. I am also thankful that I can continue taking classes during the summer months, since Carmenta offers sessions year-round."

Calistoga, CA, USA

"The classes may be online, but the sense of the learning environment is more like a brick-and-mortar school because the teachers engage with the students in a direct one-to-one manner. Additionally, you can engage with other students as if they were sitting right next to you. I have been homeschooled with various curricula and I can definitely say that the Carmenta school system is superb!"

11th Grade
Bristol, TN, USA

"I have been able to do much with Carmenta Online Latin. It has helped me learn other languages other than just Latin. It also helps me with science, grammar and literature. I have been able to do French because of Latin. I have understood scientific names in science and literature because of this course. It has helped me understand grammar because the English language has adopted so much from Latin. In a more comical sense it lets me poke fun at movies that put Latin in them and translate it incorrectly!...However, my best experience this semester was my Latin Conversation class taught by Magister Andrew...Overall, I have made great progress in learning thanks to my Carmenta teachers: Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, Rebecca, and Amy."

8th Grade
Owings Mills, MD, USA

"Carmenta Latin has made me a passionate Latin enthusiast. Carmenta has helped me grow as a student and taught me that hard work pays off."

Homeschooler, 9th Grade
Lafayette Hill, PA, USA

"Carmenta has helped me to achieve my educational goals by providing a niche service to a niche market. After completing my undergraduate studies, I searched everywhere for Greek and Latin programs that would allow me to learn the languages and work full time. Most college-level classics courses are scheduled during the day, so Carmenta was my only option. Without this unique online program, I probably never would have had the opportunity to study either Greek or Latin...

"My favorite aspect of the classes is my professor, Patricia... I have progressed in my understanding of both languages. The material is covered in depth, and each student is expected to commit nearly all of the textual material to memory. Our professor engages each student during the class session. Class never progresses in a lecture format, and everyone learns by actively speaking and translating the material when asked to. From day one, at the most basic level, the classes are pleasantly difficult and rigorous."

Banking Analyst
Detroit, MI, USA

"I am preparing for graduate study and am learning Latin to prepare for studying primary sources in Latin. Magister is patient and works at a pace I was comfortable with as a working adult. After completing Latin 1A, I have a foundation and have started teaching Latin to our children as part of their homeschool curriculum. Thank you!"

Golden Shores, AZ, USA


"I credit author Rita Mae Brown in my decision to study Latin. Her advice to writers: ‘Learn Latin. Nothing is more important to your ability to handle language than this. Latin is the foundation of all Western culture and about 60% of the English language.’ I have worked as a writer and copy editor for two decades. I also publish fiction short stories. In my quest to refine and hone my craft, I made the decision to pursue Latin. I looked at a number of online courses and decided to work with Carmenta for a variety of reasons. I was impressed that all of the instructors have a strong academic background. Also, the classes meet three times a week. This provides ample opportunity for essential ear training. It also ensures that students will have enough exposure to the language during the week. This is key to building a foreign language vocabulary and skill set. Finally, as a busy professional, I am grateful that the instructors work with my schedule. I am able to join the Carmenta classes in spite of a very busy schedule and travel."

Writer and Copy Editor
Milwaukee, WI, USA

"Carmenta has helped in my continuing foreign and ancient language education. It has started me onto the path of being able to speak and read the Latin language. This will help with getting into a college, and it will also put me ahead of other students if I decide to do a history major that requires an education in Latin. It has also deepened my understanding of various words that are commonly used in English. So far I have had a good experience with Carmenta and I am looking forward to the next semester."

10th Grade
Wasilla, AK, USA


"The curriculum and management of Carmenta Latin receives my highest praise. The Latin 1A semester has been my first course in languages, and I could not have been more fortunate to have Andrew as my teacher. He has never failed to be an attentive teacher and a kind friend. I have also taken the Classical Literature course, and during our discussions Andrew was both thoughtful and original without fail. The homework for both courses was never overwhelming, but more than enough to challenge me. I look forward to taking Classical History/Literature again in the spring semester, as well as Latin 1B and Greek 1A."

10th Grade
Fredericksburg, VA, USA

"Latin classes are not available in my country. Carmenta offers me the chance to learn it in a classroom environment with a focus on interaction."

The Philippines


"When I started both Latin and Ancient Greek courses with Andrew in spring of 2013, I was not sure what to expect. I had already been studying Latin in person with various other tutors for 6 years and only looked into online classes because my tutor was moving away. I honestly did not expect that classes done over such great distances could be as interesting or as fun as classes done in person, but Andrew’s classes have turned out to be the most educational and most engaging classes I have ever taken. Magister Andrew is very knowledgeable and he is very methodical in his teaching method. During class Andrew insures that all the elements covered by the curriculum are thoroughly explained and understood by the students so that homework can be completed well in a reasonable amount of time. My favorite part of class is Conversational Latin, where students are encouraged to converse in Latin about whatever subjects interest them. It is very fun when we students, who live all over the continent, are able to converse in a language we all share and learn with each other...

"Through Carmenta I have truly gotten a better understanding of Latin and begun to learn Ancient Greek at a much higher level than in my previous courses. I hope to pursue an education in Classics and Archaeology, and having learned these languages with Carmenta will give me a huge leg up on other students studying this subject as I will already be familiar with studying these languages with a university curriculum...

"I love the dynamic nature of Carmenta’s class setting and really value all the additional information each teacher brings to the classes. Every Carmenta teacher I have had (though each has a slightly different approach) covers the material thoroughly and brings a different element and new understanding to the classroom. I have learned about the etymology, history, and linguistic importance of many different words, roots, and derivatives in all of my Carmenta classes."

11th Grade
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

father paul

"My name is Father Paul and I am very pleased that I found the Carmenta Online Latin Classes. I have taken and reviewed other Latin classes but have found that they only helped me to learn Latin superficially, and since my goal is to learn Latin proficiently (as I know English and Spanish), I have found that the Carmenta Online Latin Class is the quickest and most efficient way for me to obtain my goal. This is possible due to Andrew's spectacular teaching methods; you have a great personal teacher without having to leave the comfort of your home. So I strongly recommend the Carmenta Online Latin Class."

Catholic Priest
New York, NY, USA

"I like the structure of the course: it is slow and deliberate but it is thorough. I think its thoroughness is its best asset. Besides, I like the Wheelock’s Latin books very much. I like the review of homework from the textbook at each lesson...because it allows me to take notes and improve on the next set of homework....I like my Latin 1A class…because: 1) It is good; 2) I enjoy the slow deliberate pace; 3) I do not need to go to the University, and thereby avoid fees, gas and parking, and hence spend more time working on the subject; 4) I enjoy the night (8-9 PM) schedule because I can still work and take the course."

French Language Teacher
New Jersey, USA


"The Carmenta Online Latin course has been awesome! I've completed the Latin 1A coursework and I have to say that I can already see the results in my everyday life: I have a better grasp of the English language now and my vocabulary is broader. Andrew is a great instructor, very competent and helpful. And on top of that he has a great sense of humor! I think my favorite part of the course has been the vocabulary. Andrew makes learning the vocabulary fun and easy by showing us the connection between the words and their English derivatives. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning Latin."

University Student
Prescott, Arizona, USA

"Carmenta Latin has been immensely helpful to me! I was skeptical of a Skype-based class when I started the semester, but it turned out to be a really flexible and effective way to study language. Andrew is super accommodating and a great instructor! I am a full-time student and a server, so the flexibility of the class was perfect for me. The class is fast-paced enough to keep you on course, but [also] doesn't move too quickly...and Andrew is extremely helpful and accessible. The course material is easy to get and user-friendly, classes are short and frequent enough to reinforce the information that you learn doing your homework. I am a senior at university and I took this class in preparation for studying medieval history at the graduate level, and I cannot imagine a better option for a student in my circumstances. I highly recommend Carmenta!"

University Student
San Jose, CA, USA

"Leaning Latin has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The Carmenta Online Latin School has allowed me to finally do this. The classes are done in real-time with top-quality professors. Being able to dial into a class in real-time with other students from across the country with a high quality, engaged professor has made learning Latin a great experience, and I really love that I am actually being challenged and learning Latin...

"My favorite part of the classes is the live, real-time aspect where I get to interact with other students from around the country, all under the supervision of a master professor who is well-versed and knowledgeable in the Latin language. I really enjoy the interaction and the discussions in class. Much better than doing it asynchronously in Internet forums...

"My learning has gone from zero to much better understanding. I’m only in Latin 1A right now, but I have already learned a great deal, and now I think I have a very solid base of learning to help carry me through the rest of my future Latin language learning efforts. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next for me at Carmenta!...

"The Carmenta Online Latin School has given me an opportunity to finally find a way to study Latin as an adult. I have always wanted to learn the language, but never had the opportunity nor the time to do it. Carmenta provides a great way to do this through its Skype classrooms, where I’ve been able to interact with other Latin language students from across the country, and all under the supervision and great guidance of a master teacher. The classroom provides a very relaxed learning environment where the professor helps to guide students through exercises, while providing excellent commentary and other useful information to help the students grasp the language. I would highly recommend the courses for any highly motivated students who want to learn Latin (or other classical languages). The cost for classes is very reasonable, and all the staff—from the administrative folks to the professors—are all professional, helpful, and very friendly."

Program Support Consultant
Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA

"I had spent about two years reading various Latin grammars and fumbling around the Latin forums and materials on the Internet, and found myself none the wiser....I decided to take Latin courses with Carmenta because as a full-time employee, my schedule wouldn't allow a traditional university-based course, even if there were a university nearby which offered Latin. Also, Carmenta offered real-time classes with real student-teacher interaction at a great price. I took Latin 1A, and I was impressed with teacher Andrew's expertise, friendliness, humor, and teaching ability. Since then I have taken all the courses up to Latin 4A at Carmenta, and have walked away with a great understanding of Latin as well as the ability to converse in Latin. I would recommend Carmenta to anyone in school or not."

Software Architect
San Jose, CA, USA

"Carmenta Latin is a great school. Their three-class-per-week schedule is rigorous without being overwhelming. I don’t see how a school meeting once per week could compare. In addition, Carmenta’s instructors have qualifications second to none. My instructor had a PhD in Latin and Greek from a top classics program!"

9th Grade
New Canaan, CT, USA


"Carmenta Online Latin has been an enormous help to my education, and I have greatly appreciated the opportunities that it has afforded me. Without Carmenta, I would not have been able to continue with my studies to higher levels of the Latin language. This not only is going to help my student resume in the college application process, but also will allow me to graduate from high school within a four-year time frame, despite working toward three different graduation requirements at three different schools. I also love that Carmenta gives me the chance to meet with students from all around the nation and learn a subject that we are all passionate about. The small class environment is so personal, and I never have any hesitation about talking with my teachers. Thanks to Carmenta Online Latin, I have not only gotten to read new Latin texts but also speak Latin conversationally for the first time! Altogether, Carmenta Online Latin was a really new experience for me, but it has also been really fantastic!"

12th Grade
Sturbridge, MA, USA

"Carmenta Latin is the best school for classics. The choices of texts and the three-time-per-week model creates rigor, and the instructors are top notch. Keep up the great work!"

9th Grade
New Canaan, CT, USA

chanelle with andrew

"I’m a huge proponent of constantly learning and exploring new ideas, concepts...languages. Latin is a language I’ve been interested since my teens, but never had the opportunity to pursue until now...

"One of the best parts about the class I am taking, Latin 1A, is the atmosphere. I have been in other digital classes that did not incorporate Skype or any program that allowed real time instruction. I think this classroom interaction makes a huge difference. Even though I’m sitting in my house or in one of the conference rooms at work I feel like I’m in a classroom. The real time interaction between the Magister and my classmates is fantastic...

"Seeing as I had no real experience with Latin prior to this class (aside from common words and phrases used in English) I think that I have progressed quite well. I’m looking forward to continuing with my Latin education through Carmenta."

e-Discovery, Project Manager
San Francisco, California, USA

"My goal is to become proficient enough in Latin to read ancient texts. I was studying on my own for a year and didn't feel I was making any progress. The class commitment forces me to keep working at it, and provides a professional instructor for instant evaluation of my progress. The classroom setting is much more effective than self-study...

"Wheelock is an excellent text that moves at a slow enough pace so as not to leave the student behind. I like translating; it's rather like code-breaking. A poetry instructor once told me, if you like crossword puzzles you will like poetry; they both play around with words. For me the Latin course is playing around with words, albeit in Latin, and I am having a good time doing it."

Electrical Contractor, Public Utilities
Verona, IL, USA


"Carmenta has helped my educational goals because I recently earned my Pennsylvania Teaching Certification for Latin K-12. My local colleges do not teach Latin, and the one that does teach it does not do it well. With Carmenta I get more face time and interaction than most college classes that I have taken, and the price allows me to afford taking classes to begin with. Through the Carmenta program, I achieved a level of proficiency that let me take the Associated Praxis Test without any significant preparation, i.e., by using a Praxis practice book. Now I am taking classes in Latin literature with Carmenta to further my abilites!"

Substitute Teacher
Scranton, PA, USA

"The Carmenta Latin School has allowed me to pursue my own personal interest in Latin in a way that I could not have done on my own. Because I am a non-traditional student and work full time, it is impossible for me to attend traditional university Latin classes. Without this school, it would be much more difficult to learn the linguistic, phonetic, and cultural background which is so integral to any language. This is even truer in my case, as I do not have any formal educational background in the liberal arts."

Houston, TX, USA

"Andrew [Kuhry-Haeuser]’s Latin Class is a magnificent method of learning the language that I’d recommend to anybody interested in Latin. The class flows at a very suitable pace. It was quick enough that I was constantly learning new content, and at the same time, it was slow enough that I could easily grasp all the material. Andrew is a great teacher; he focuses on the difficulties each student has and works carefully with them to help them understand the material completely...

"Coming into this class, I knew absolutely nothing about Latin or its origins. Coming out, my brain is filled with the ripe knowledge I gained from taking Andrew’s class."

8th Grade
Louisville, KY, USA

"Working with my advisor at college, we came across Carmenta School and decided it’d be an excellent option for learning Latin for my major. Andrew’s focus on homework was one of the things I found most helpful about the class, the repetition of doing the exercises in the textbook and workbook was invaluable, as was the focus on speaking the language aloud in order to incorporate the different senses in learning. I’m looking forward to continuing on in the advanced courses...

"Finally, I just wanted to add that my advisor at school was very impressed with the coursework of the Carmenta School and because of this allowed me to use the course as an independent study for college credit, having taken college level language classes before (Hebrew and Greek) I can say that the work in the Carmenta classes is equivalent and sometimes more thorough to those other classes. I am very happy with the class."

University Student (Classics)
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"I like the small size (4 students) of my class. I’ve learned a lot about Latin this semester."

6th Grade
Dallas, TX, USA

"Carmenta is the best Latin course I have encountered, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn classical Latin. Thanks to Carmenta, I have been able to develop a deep knowledge of the language. Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser is also a very good instructor, and classes are always fun and engaging. Overall, it has been a great experience learning at Carmenta."

10th Grade
Greenville, DE, USA

"I am a businessman and lover of classical history and culture in general. I always wanted to learn an ancient language, specifically Latin, but never found the right format for me. Initially, my interest came from both my Spanish and Italian background but also from my family genealogical research where many documents are in Latin. Later that interest became broader as I gained an appreciation for history and culture. I am busy and travel often but have access to technology and telecommunications. This allowed me to take the course regardless of where I was in the world. This course was right for me. It is challenging, yet flexible. I wanted a course that was thorough, used a well-respected text, and had a teacher that actually really knew the language and pronunciation. I love that Andrew treats Latin not as a dead language but as a living and newly thriving language. Did you notice all the TV shows and movies now using Latin more and more?...

"Andrew was excellent and he has sparked my interest even further. I look forward to Latin 1B and beyond...!"

Easton, PA, USA

"Carmenta Online Latin has immensely improved my knowledge of Latin. Not only have I learned new information, but Magister Andrew has helped me solidify previous knowledge, and I've had a ton of fun doing it! The classes are both entertaining and challenging - Magister engages me at my skill level and presents me with new challenges. Because of the consistent exposure to Latin, I was able to attend a Latin immersion camp, which was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend Carmenta Latin classes to Latin students of any skill level. Not only will you receive an education, you can have fun listening to Magister sing about tamales and chile!"

12th Grade
Royal Oaks, CA, USA

"I took Latin because I hoped it would help me to understand the English language better and so that in the future it will be a good springboard for my learning Spanish. I also was fascinated by the oldness of it and its relationship with all the modern Romance languages. Before I began the course I was a little concerned that learning Latin might be too difficult and that I wouldn't be able to handle it, but it has turned out to be far easier than I thought. Andrew is an exceptional teacher and always very patient, and while he knows the text well, he is never afraid to veer from it when he feels he needs to."

Junior High School Teacher
Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA

"I took the Carmenta Latin 1A course in the summer of 2012. The content was very helpful and provided an excellent foundation for further studies in Ecclesiastical Latin. The pace of the course was perfect for individuals who did not have any Latin background. The professor was patient and excellent at explaining concepts and theory specific to the language. Class timing options make this a great way to study/learn. I could easily accommodate this into my work schedule. I would highly recommend the program to others who are interested in learning Latin (or any other language)."

Member of the Catholic Congregation of St. Joseph
Ontario, Canada

"I had at first struggled to learn Latin with other courses because they did not provide enough structure. When I signed up for Carmenta Latin, I was doubtful that it would be better but I was greatly impressed. Carmenta offered a very good mix of flexibility and structure. After my good experience with Carmenta Latin, I enrolled in Carmenta Ancient Greek, which too has exceeded my expectations."

8th Grade
Tracy, CA, USA

"I have definitely enjoyed the Carmenta Ancient Greek courses! Andrew is a very knowledgeable teacher, and the textbook is detailed and easy to follow. I have taken language courses from a few different providers, and I have to say that the Carmenta courses are the best ones!"

7th Grade
Pleasanton, CA, USA

"I am studying Ancient Greek to enable me to read ancient philosophical texts. The class is challenging and the teacher is knowledgeable."

St. Paul, MN, USA

"Carmenta works for me because I am a busy professional. The instruction is solid and the instructors are committed. The classes are affordable. I like the pace with which we are going through Wheelock."

Copy Editor/Writer
Milwaukee, WI, USA


"I’ve been a Carmenta student for the past two semesters and have taken Latin 1A, Latin 1B, and Greek 1A. I’m looking forward to the new Classical Literature and History classes as well. I’ve been impressed with Andrew’s ability to relay fairly complex information to us in simple, clear, and understandable ways. When we’re working on translating sentences pertaining to a certain event in Roman history, Andrew delights us with his knowledge in that area and many others. He really tries to make class an entertaining part of our day even if that day’s class is completely focused on the rigors of memorizing noun declension and verb conjugation endings. I appreciate Andrew because he’s such a motivator. He brings out the best in all of us, as great teachers do. He’s probably one of the three favorite instructors I’ve ever had."

Hotel Hospitality
Denver, Colorado, USA

"This is my first Carmenta class. I was curious about Latin, and it seemed like summer was a perfect time to take a beginning class. It has been both fun and interesting!"

Midlothian, VA, USA

"Carmenta Online Ancient Greek is one of the few quality options for Ancient Greek available for the modern Classics student. It offers a full curriculum with high-quality instructors and a focus on the student. My favorite aspect of the course is the low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing the instructor to focus on the students’ individual progress. I have learned much about Ancient Greek, progressing quickly from scratch."

Rockville, Maryland, USA

"So far I am really learning the basics of Latin grammar, which is helping me in my Ecclesiastical Latin. Magister Todd walks us through the exercises and helps us to grow in our comfort in translating and also helps us to have more familiarity with the flexibility of Latin. I have learned a lot in two short months...

"In my first class with Carmenta, I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit. We have a wonderful professor who has helped us grow in our knowledge of Latin and to become more familiar with the language and its flexibility as well as with the general rules that help you to speak and write in Latin. It has been a great class for me and I look forward to learning more in this one and in future classes with Carmenta."

Fr Jason
Parsons, KS, USA

"Best Latin teacher I have ever had. The class is so good!...The live interaction with the teacher makes the Latin language come alive. I have a greater understanding of the language and culture. I really enjoy the Latin stories and lore that accompany the class. I can now understand and speak the language!"

7th Grade
Upton, MA, USA

"Carmenta is challenging. We learn to solve new puzzles. It is cool to learn a language our parents do not know. It is really cool to see how many words in the English language you can see the resemblance to in Latin."

7th Grade
Heber Springs, AR, USA

"It has been easy to learn a new language with Carmenta. I can recognize some of the words now."

5th Grade
Heber Springs, AR, USA

"Latin helped me with English grammar. It also helped me with my French class. Most importantly it taught me how to work hard."

6th Grade
Owings Mills, MD, USA

"Carmenta has helped me with my educational goals. I have always wanted to study Latin, and it has been very beneficial to me. In Carmenta I learn greatly and I highly recommend it."

Country Westerville, Ohio, USA

Parent Testimonials

"Carmenta Latin has given our 9th grade son [Nathaniel] a very positive experience in the study of the Latin language. He looks forward to classes every week and enjoys the interaction and the academic rigors of the class. He's developed a love for Latin and now wants to continue pursuing further language studies...

"Nathaniel and Katherine [my daughter and a Latin Junior student] really love their Carmenta Latin classes! When working through which classes to keep or drop due to either cost or scheduling issues, they each said they'd rather keep Latin and would do what they can to keep it. We're thankful for you [Andrew] and the Carmenta instructors for making Latin come alive to them and inspire their love of learning."

Homeschool Parent
Pleasanton, CA, USA

"I enrolled my 5 and 8 year olds in the Junior Latin Class for the first time in the Fall of 2013. I found Andrew’s teaching style to be very flexible and engaging. My children like working with Andrew and are becoming more confident learners. I’m amazed by their progress."

Charlotte, NC, USA

"The instructor works really well with the boys. They have learned an incredible amount this term. The boys look forward to their classes."

Mother of two Carmenta Latin Junior Students
Heber Springs, AR, USA

"My son took the Latin 1A class to prepare him for a transfer to a new middle school, where the kids had already had 2 years of Latin. After taking the Carmenta class, he was BEYOND prepared to step into the class and was ahead of many of the students from day one. His Latin teacher made a point of asking me what class he took so that he could recommend the Carmenta program for other transfer students. My son received an A for the first quarter, and is on his way to an A in the second quarter as well. Thank you!"

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

"As a parent, I am extremely pleased with the quality of teaching you provide. My daughter has enjoyed every class and I feel confident that she has a more-than-usual depth of understanding at each chapter as you ensure through drills and assignments that each concept, chart and usage is thoroughly understood. I have overheard classes as you patiently explain and review the information until each student has mastered it. My daughter plans on continuing with the Latin and Greek as she can see that this level of education will benefit her at any higher learning institution she attends in the future."

Homeschooling Parent of Three
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"As a homeschool mother, I highly value the expert teaching my son gets in his Latin class. The convenience of the class meeting via Skype is wonderful for our homeschool schedule."

Dallas, TX, USA

School Testimonials

"Carmenta Online Latin School has a great approach to teaching Latin. The instructors have learned the language themselves with degrees from top universities. The online approach gives you access to these great instructors. Although the class is conducted online, the instructors and students still interact as though we are in an actual classroom setting. Our teacher was nice and approachable and easy to approach with questions, just as in a regular classroom setting. Our teacher really invested in teaching each of the students and recognized our own strengths and weaknesses in order to identify where we needed help."

10th Grade
Heritage Hall School
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

"The Carmenta Online Latin program was beneficial and efficient. Lawrence was really helpful and patient when teaching the correct Latin pronunciation. His teaching style includes a large amount of review and repetition, which is helpful when trying to remember all of the verb and noun forms. Throughout this semester, I gained knowledge about Latin as a spoken language in addition to it being merely a written language. Lawrence is a brilliant and inspirational teacher and willing to help students anytime. I learned a lot from him in Latin. Carmenta Latin is a helpful and efficient way to gain knowledge about Latin and it is convenient for students like me. Thanks so much to Lawrence and Carmenta Latin for this wonderful opportunity."

10th Grade
Heritage Hall School
Oklahoma City, OK, USA