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Latin Conversation

elizabeth in latin conversation class
Carmenta's Latin Conversation class puts Elizabeth, 16, and other Carmenta students on the accelerated track to true fluency in the Latin language.

Latin Conversation Class Overview

Conversation in Latin is the secret to our students' unparalleled success in the language.

Every student who is enrolled in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of the Carmenta Online Latin Course (Latin 2A and above) also attends Carmenta's Latin Conversation Class. The Conversation Class meets one day per week and is taught by a fluent speaker of the Latin language who has many years experience and practice in the conversational aspect of the language. Students also participate in an hour of Latin text conversation outside of class with other Latin students using the Skype Instant-Messaging feature.

As we have stated in various places on this website, Latin conversation is a vital component of the Carmenta Latin Course since not only is it the only reasonable way to achieve a truly advanced and fluent knowledge of the Latin language but it also allows students to gain competence in the language far more rapidly and (just as important) makes learning Latin a whole lot more fun!

Carmenta students learn Latin as a living language.

In the Carmenta Latin Conversation class students learn to use Latin as a real, living language. They gradually grow more comfortable with rapid formation of Latin sentences as well as understanding the language as they hear it spoken. Frequent practice in conversation allows the student to move from the whole-sentence translation approach to Latin that characterized his or her early grammar-focused studies toward a more intuitive understanding of the language. In other words, students move from interpreting the language through the lens of English grammar and idiom to actually understanding Latin as it really is, a language very different from English, with its own unique logic.